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Exclusive clothing for women who dare to wear something special and unique.

Cape/Ruana Carlotta
A versatile and handmade cape / ruana made of merino wool and cotton.
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Poncho/Scarf Maxima
A versatile and handmade poncho / scarf made of merino wool and chiffon.
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Poncho/Scarf Maxima Art
Hand painted and hand felted piece of wearable art.
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Poncho/Scarf Sofia
A hand felted, exclusive and wearable piece of art made of merino wool and chiffon.
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Scarf Ella
This is a poncho, scarf and stole too!
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Scarf Jula
Easy to wear in a casual or a chic way.
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When it is handmade it is better!

Our clothes are made with the finest merino wool, cotton and chiffon. Each scarf, poncho, stole and cape is a piece of wearable art and its designed by us. The felting process is sustainable, organic and according to natural fashion guidelines. Our artistic and hand felted women’s clothing has won many awards!

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